Advanced retail payment systems in Hertfordshire

If you manage a retail outlet, you need the current status of the available stock while ensuring that payments are received efficiently. Contact Gemini Business Systems Ltd for state-of-the-art retail payment systems at great prices.

Quick barcode scanning

Our point of sale system uses barcode scanning as the primary way of selling items. Small items can be added to look-up screens where they appear as buttons. Stock control is provided by the back-office software. Speak with one of our professionals at Gemini Business Systems Ltd for details.

Use our software for:

  • Food and beverage cost control
  • Orders, deliveries, returns and wastage
  • Automatic re-ordering
  • Handheld stocktaking
  • Stock reporting and analysis
  • Business system experts

    Our range of software products include PurePos, Gemini Bar, Gemini Pos and Gemini Stock. You can also rely on our team for unbiased advice on how to use the software. We serve in Hertfordshire and locations throughout South East England including Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. Contact us today.

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